Welcome to the New Carlisle Community Garden

Welcome to the New Carlisle Community Garden

Welcome to the New Carlisle Community GardenWelcome to the New Carlisle Community GardenWelcome to the New Carlisle Community Garden

Growing Together as We Grow Together

Growing Community


We are a group of people interested in gardening for ourselves and others. 

Good for Everyone


We are a group of people learning about gardening together. With the assistance of the Ohio State Agricultural Extension and the Clark County Local Food Council, we offer classes in Nutrition (including food preservation and preparation), Gardening (Seed planting, seed saving, weed and pest control), composting, and almost anything else related to gardening and home-grown food by request.  We share part of our harvest with the Bethel Churches United Food Pantry.

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Our gardens are all  organic. We do NOT use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. We have been able to supply gardeners with a number of varieties of seeds and plants. If there are particular plants you want to grow, you must supply those. We have accumulates some tools mainly through donation. All soil has been tested by the Clark County Health Department. Most of our beds are raised and filled with topsoil. We also have provides mulch which we purchase in bulk.

To date, we have operated and grown by obtaining grants and donations. Ideally we would like to become self-sustaining. 

Since we are a COMMUNITY garden, we support the Bethel Churches United Food Pantry and we expect all gardeners to contribute to that either by donating produce from their gardens or working in some of the common plots to have enough to donate and enough to sell at Farmers' Market. All of these monies go back into the gardens.

The New Carlisle Community Garden is currently working at three sites: 

Madison Street  is behind the Old Madison St. School on the left of the drive. In the Madison Garden we have raised beds and plots that are mainly 12 x 4 and 24 x 4. We have some beds that are raised higher and more easily handicap-accessible. 

This was our first year gardening at Westlake. Westlake is accessible from Walsh Dr. off of Lake. (you can also walk in from Bayberry.) 

We currently have about 12 4'' x 4' raised beds (making 16 plots) here. We are anticipating adding maybe 30 new 4' x 4' cedar raised beds in the spring. At this site we are also growing in ground and anticipate growing at least corn that way in 2020. There is a well on this property and we have purchased solar panels to provide power to get the water out. We are seeking someone to install a pump to get the water to carboys that will automatically fill and provide a gravity feed from the carboys.

If you are interested in having a plot, contact us below or call 937.823.6474. Participating in the gardens costs $5 per year. We also require a $25 deposit. If you do not keep your bed weeded and in good order, that $25 is forfeited to the garden to clean it up.  If you have maintained your plot(s), your money is refunded when you decide not to garden with us the next year.

You can also join us in the gardening/food/nutrition/community building program at the New Carlisle Public Library. Contact Miss Tilly at 937.845.3601.

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New Carlisle Community Garden

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